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To pursue the department’s vision and mission, at least there have been 4 curriculum changes since the joint to UNS in 1976. First, it changed when the department run the S-1 program in 1979 with two major field of studies, Linguistics and Literature. The second change occurred after 10 years of running period, in 1990 with the same majors, and only several additional subjects on literature and linguistics.

The third change happened in 1995 with an additional mainstream, i.e. American Studies and a number of subjects on English for Specific Purposes: English for Journalism, English for Public Relation, and Oral Translation. Seven years later, the curriculum of the department followed the new paradigm, i.e. national competence-based curriculum. The new curriculum allows one more additional main stream, i.e. Translation.

Therefore, it has, now, 4 majors, Linguistics, Literature, American Studies, and Translation. The new curriculum allows Semester I – VI students to have the same subjects. But they have to make a decision to choose one of the main streams in Semester VII and VIII.