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The facilities owned by the department are: two sets of language laboratories, library, and ILC (Independent Learning Centre). The language laboratory is semi-computerized consisting of 1 master sole with two programs connected to 40 student-booths, each with its player-recorder. Thus, students can do individual, group, or classical work. This lab can also be used to play a video. In addition to the university and faculty library, a conventional library is also developed by the department.

It is due to the uniqueness of the department namely students have to master both English skills and contents. Therefore, with DIKTI’s grant, SP-4, the department can develop independent learning program in ILC. This program constitutes a structured independent-learning that will help students to comprehend content subjects and practice skill subjects in accordance with the existing syllabus and curriculum.

Students are obliged to study in ILC with similar amount of time to that of in the classroom. Therefore, the ILC materials will be focused on developing the classical-lectures of the whole subjects in the department. Accordingly, ILC is equipped with audio and video instruments such as 15 units tape player, video and compact disk + TV set and computers with access to the internet.

Moreover, ILC is supported with paper-based, audio-based video-based and internet-based materials. With such facilities, the teaching and learning process will become maximum, which eventually can increase the quality of graduates and shorten the time of study and awaiting jobs.