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The students of the English Department are commonly from Surakarta and its vicinity; western parts of East Java, eastern parts of West Java, Jakarta, and small portion from outside Java such as Sumatra and Kalimantan. They are accepted through national entrance test called SNMPTN with average score of 700. About 5% of them are recruited through a special program conducted by the university prior to the official entrance examination (SPMB). Accordingly, the inputs of the English department are considered very good.

Students’ activities involve university, faculty and department levels. At university level, English Department students participate in many activities such as sports, arts, marching band, choir, etc. At faculty level, they possess organizations such as BEM, with its UKM such as religious activities, press, theaters, sports, arts and so forth. At department level, English Department students are contained by HMJ with its activities: religious activities, sports, English drama, English press, English radio broadcasting, research and speaking club. With these activities, they will be able to develop what they have obtained from class and their interest, which will be used to compete in the global market.